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Cast Iron Skillet  Preseasoned with Silicone Gloves & Wooden Ladles -10Inch (Double Handle)

Cast Iron Skillet Preseasoned with Silicone Gloves & Wooden Ladles -10Inch (Double Handle)

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  • Pre-Seasoned. Pack Contains – 1 Double handle Cast Iron Skillet,
  • Weight – 3.00Kg, Capacity – 1.8ltr, Thickness – 6.2mm
  • Get back to our traditional way of cooking with My Cookware Shop Cast Iron Cookwares.
  • Our products are hand-seasoned with vegetable oil and beautifully hand-crafted by various skilled artisans of Tamilnadu.
  • Multipurpose Cookware – For Searing, Sauteing, Simmering, Braising, Baking, Roasting and Frying.
  • It works On the Stove, In the Oven, On the Kettle, On the Grill or Over the Campfire.
  • As Iron deficiency is more common these days, food prepared in a cast iron will helps your body with Iron intake and also experience the enhanced taste in your preparation.
  • USE & CARE - Upon receiving, wash the Skillet with warm water using mild soap & scrub to clean all the particles off the pan and pat dry with a soft cloth. After that, heat the Pan for 5-6mins and allow it to cool down to room temperature. Then, when it is a little hot, apply the cooking oil all over the surface and heat it again for 3-5mins before you start to cook.
  • Repeat the process if required and continue to apply oil when not in use to make it non-stick and get the best result out of it